Myspace meltdown

Remember Myspace? Possibly not, as it has actually been almost ten years since that social network was at its height, back when I was gleefully pumping out posts.  The fun part is that before I completely moved on to Facebook, I cut and pasted most of my entries into a kind of journal so I could scroll through and laugh at myself.  Here are a few posts from back in the day that make me smile… and cringe!  I wanted to fit in so bad and be free and be daring.  What a cutie.

October 8, 2007

“At the last minute I decided to take off because the sun came out around 5pm and my friend Angela had invited me to this cabin near Parksville. Once on the ferry I then remembered that it gets dark early, so I was a little nervous, and my directions were sketchy. At one point I’m alone on this dark weavy backroad and there’s two deer running beside me! I look over and there’s a white cross… turns out that a motorcyclist had died there last year. It was scary, and I couldn’t see any house numbers. But then my friends must’ve heard me, so they started waving out the window! phew!2007

The next morning there were four deer all sniffing and hanging out with my motorcycle… checking out Tony’s ‘antlers’! hahaha!! We did some hiking to a huge waterfall, and it was rad. On the ride home I was passed by these two old mama’s on Harley’s and they both waved at me. It was so damn cool! The ladies even blasted these three chumps who thought they were John Travolta on wheels. It was awe-inspiring! I also bumped into my friend Alex on the ferry, who offered to give me a ride in her boyfriend’s van because it was cold outside. We just popped my bike right in! This was really nice because I keep forgetting to replace my front tire, which is cracked and ready to blow! Not so smart…”

September 8, 2007

“On days like today I actually enjoy being out the picket line. I was hanging out on a sunny bench when this homeless dude takes a seat beside me. I had noticed him the past few weeks. He has this quiet dignity about him and doesn’t collect cans. I think he’s got a nice style about him, too. We were both wearing beat up jeans, leather jacket and skate shoes. Nice moustache and side-swept hair, like a regular east van hipster, except extremely weather-worn and missing a few teeth. I was reading a textbook and decided to go get some water and snacks, and figured I’d offer him a drink, too. We ended up talking for an hour about community gardens, east coast vs. west, motorcycle maintenance, restoring vintage cars, alternative libraries, attending lecture series, etc. It was strange because it was like he hadn’t spoken in a long time, so I had to listen closely, but it was just a really casual conversation. I never figured out how he found himself on the streets, but he was so zen-like, and it made me suspect he had chosen his lot in life.”

August 13, 2007

“okay… where to begin? My first motorcycle/skate trip was this weekend with a crew of nine bikers and a van of bros,2007 across the border, onto a ferry, to Orcas Island. We met up relatively early at Duffins, attempted to organize ourselves, then charged… quite the impressive scene. It was my first time even on a highway and hauling ass at 120km was mind-numbing, especially when I discovered my front wheel had a crap bearing and was shaking the whole way. It wasn’t going to prevent me from riding, but got a bit of getting used to.

Our border crossing was so rad, because the patrol guys were stoked on the bikes and we jumped the line-up, with a quick duty-free booze purchase. We finally got a fun twisty, oceanshore road around “Chuckanut.” I was still on highway mode and took the first corner way too fast, into on-coming traffic, but pulled it back in, and decided to mellow out a bit!! It was really beautiful, and once again we blasted past the ferry line-up with only minutes to spare.

photo: Rhianon BaderOrcas Island has a crazy park with huge bowl and a super fun line on the perimeter to pump around. We had a good session, stocked up on more liquor, and eventually found a semi-remote campspot down this gravel road to “Obstruction Pass.” It was dark and we all stumbled along a trail until we found something decent. That night was so damn rowdy, and I feel sorry for anyone who was trying to sleep. Matt and Baxter of “China Creeps” serenaded us with their skate punk anthems, we got a massive bonfire going, and the tunes were blasting. The highlight was discovering that the ocean was saturated with phosphoresence, so a bunch of us took the plunge. Eventually we all passed out into oblivion, despite the drizzle of rain. Rhianon and I wrapped ourselves in a tarp, but when I woke-up the next day I found myself downhill in the dirt, which was pretty damn funny. I didn’t actually care, especially since some of the dudes were worse off, and severely hung-over… even a few upset tummy’s turned ugly.

Sunday consisted of recuperating, more skating, chilling out in a grassy park, and return ride home. It was everything I dreamed of for a roadtrip with some really awesome folks.”



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  1. I wish I’d saved all my posts from my MySpace days but then again maybe not! I do miss the garish profiles people had though.

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