Alaskan cruise – a new addition to the family

IMG_20150422_205253447Today, I am ironically home sick for the second day, most likely because I put out a lot of energy hosting the 7th Annual Alley Health Fair! It went really well, but now I’m recuperating from a nasty head cold.  Oh well – the effort was worth it, with 1200 people getting a good meal and learning from all the amazing health service providers in the Downtown Eastside.

During the week leading up to the event I treated my self and husband to a new (old) motorcycle… which sounds kind of crazy, but I couldn’t let this one go.  Scott learned that our good friend Stephen needed some cash for his trip to South Africa, and had decided to sell his super rad dual sport!  The bike is a merging of two bikes being a 1985 Honda XR600R dirtbike frame with a Honda XL600R motor.  It’s street legal, kickstart only and runs so smooth! We decided to go for it, to keep the bike in the family and for Scott to actually experience a smooth ride rather than the spastic (yet fun) SP400 “Scotty Porter” with its wild idle.

IMG_20150422_205323006Originally we were going to call this bike “Stevee Z” after our friend, but that seemed kind of weird, so we decided to call him “Alaska” because that was the reason Stephen pursued this bike… to ride to Alaska, which he did. Stephen had got the bike in California, and was fortunate to know some lovely Orthodox monks from the Platina St. Herman monastery, who helped him get the paperwork sorted, so that he could bring it up to Canada.  I do believe the monks blessed the bike, and then Stephen rode it to another monastery in Alaska.  The cool part is that Scott visited the St. Herman monastery with Stephen and his buddy Tim just last March for Spring break, and is really enjoying learning about Orthodoxy.

It was pretty awesome seeing Scott so blown away after riding “Alaska,” which is so stress free compared to the Suzuki.  He had gotten used to always having to be attentive to holding the throttle, just in case the idle randomly dipped and stalled out the bike.  I suspect we might sell the Suzuki in the near future.  It was light and fun to learn on, and great to tinker on, but having a solid 600cc makes more sense. This new bike is truly an Alaskan cruise in comparison!

Meanwhile, I got the Triumph back after finally taking him in to a professional mechanic at “British Italian.” It turned out that the stator had practically melted, which explains why the battery was draining rather than charging!  “Jimmy Z” is running well, but I should probably get him a new front tire before I do any longer trips.  The summer is almost here, so looking forward to camping and adventures! Perhaps we’ll make it up to Alaska ourselves someday!



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