It’s been awhile since I posted some of my favourite finds from my Pinterest page (see Part One here). So here is another batch of ruling mystery biker ladies from back in the day!

Queen and KingI like the “Queen and King” seat in this photo, since it’s obvious that this bike is hers! It’s definitely from the 1970s with the feathered Farrah Fawcett look going on, too. The bike is pretty hardcore.

1970s hog rideThe next photo is comparable! I love the orange frame and tank, and the more minimal look of her ride with the exception of that cissy bar! Woah.

NJ Cycle sistersNow, this crew of ladies look like good times!  All I know is that they are the New Jersey Cycle Sisters, and that possibly one of them is Joanne Friend who started the group some fifty years ago – she’s now in her seventies and still rides!

Wheelie down underIn this photo I’ve gleaned some minor details… apparently the bike is a Bultaco Alpina 350, the photo was taken in New South Wales, Australia, and it is from 1974, other than that… who are you and how did you get to be such a sick dirt bike rider? It’s not often that I’ve found vintage photos of women blasting proper wheelies. Nowadays there are some incredible stunt riders, my favourite being the young French sportbike rider, Sarah Lezito! But, I think it’s important to know how far women riders have come, so props to this anonymous ruler.

Dirtbike championThis is a long-time favourite photo and I still have no idea who she is, besides being a champion! She’s evidently American, and a proper tomboy.

French mechanicThe batch of photos wouldn’t be complete without a cool French biker mechanic rocking her beret and fixing her bike as a group of onlookers lurk and stare. Sadly her bike looks like it is in quite the state of disrepair, but she doesn’t seem particularly phased.

(**Update – the mechanic is actually English rider Marjorie Cottle! I was distracted by the beret. Thanks for the heads up Matt**)



  1. Dorota Rawicz-Lipińska · · Reply

    If you’re interested, I’ve some biker girls’ pictures from Polish archives on my blog – the entries are in Polish and in (poor) English 🙂

    1. Right on! Thanks for the link… I will definitely check these photos!

  2. The ‘French mechanic’ is English racer Marjorie Cottle.

    1. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up… I was distracted by the beret. Haha!

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