“One time I rode”… Storytelling!

Last night, I got to try something new! It’s one thing to write a story and another thing to try to engage an audience and get the nerve to share a story in public! A few weeks ago, Melly posted an invite to join her in a night of motorcycle story-telling at The Shop (a local motorcycle / coffee shop hang-out). It was so simple, but such genius! Motorcycle riders love telling stories, and I wanted to challenge myself to give it a go so I contacted her immediately so I couldn’t back out.  The other motivation was that, how wonderful would it be to host a similar event at the Carnegie Centre, as a Library program?!


I often chat up the library patrons, who do tend to be predominately older men at the Carnegie. The other week we had a particularly sunny, warm day in Vancouver and the motorcycles could be heard blasting up Hastings street.  One of my regulars sighed, and explained how much it broke his heart to no longer have a motorcycle. There’s so many regulars with stories, and I think it will be a really fun event.  The Carnegie Theatre is booked for Wednesday May 11th at 6:30 in the evening, so hopefully I can recruit some locals and Melly can involve some storytellers from last night.

It was a really casual time and a great mix of perspectives! I wanted to get mine out of the way so I could relax, and just went for it. It was a quick story reminiscing about forming the Majestic Unicorn Motorcycle Club (which was initially a bit of a joke, but ended up to be a real bonding experience!) back in 2007, and some of the roadtrip adventures we’ve had… the highs and the lows! A bit of comedy fun times too.


Other individuals spoke about their first time on the back of a bike and a crazy train-hopping adventure that ensued, resulting in a passion for motorcycles. My friend Heather talked about a trip in Australia, and the art of letting go of control and being led by one’s motorcycle. There were poetic rhapsodies, love stories, roadtrip nightmares (which are often funny in hindsight), etc. I really enjoyed myself, and was delighted to see Scott’s laughing face when I was up there.

This is the photo from 2007 at the Tofino skatepark when we met a rad crew of ladies skating from Seattle.  It was pretty incredible to have so many girls just take over the space, and even if it turned a bit scary (oh, poor Marcy!!) it was impressive to see my friend recover from her accident and keep on ripping!


Thanks again Melly for making this happen, and hopefully it can become a tradition!




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