Letters to the Editors Launch

Just over a month ago in Berlin, my friend Anna Szaflarski launched a book featuring a collection of writings from her self-published journal called Letters to the Editors. My essay on the desert mothers “Women in the Wilderness” was included, and now she’s coming to Vancouver to do a second book launch.

So, May is looking pretty good for story sharing! On Thursday May 12th at Antisocial skateshop / gallery I’ll do a reading then for Anna, after having helped host part two of “One Time I Rode” motorcycle story night at the Carnegie Centre on Wednesday May 11th with Melly!  Boom!

Flyer LTTE Anti Social4

It will be some similar and yet very different audience members at the two events. The motorcycle reading I’m hoping will draw some of my Carnegie Library regulars, in addition to my own motorcycling friends. There’s lots of old timers in the Downtown Eastside who used to ride motorcycles, or guys just down on their luck who have fond memories of their old bikes. Melly has arranged for a kind of set list of readers, but I think a few of the guys will step up and share as well, which will be really great!

The Antisocial evening could draw some skateboarding buddies, but probably the majority of the audience will be Anna’s connections from art school and Berlin. A bit more refined perhaps, or not, who knows? I’m anticipating a fun reunion with some awesome women from my past.

I just love sharing stories. I get a strange high from public speaking. I think it’s because as someone who tends to be quiet in most situations, someone whose job is to listen to others and their interests as a librarian, I really enjoy having a captive audience and having the tables turned where I get to speak and entertain. Many people are afraid of public speaking and are surprised that I don’t feel the same, but I truly enjoy it. There’s a moment of excitement beforehand, but once you get going it’s just wonderful to shine and then retreat back into silence. There’s a hint of ego to be mindful of, but mostly the intent is to amuse and delight.



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