Fundraiser – Overdose action

If any of you are reading this blog and live in Vancouver, or you are simply a compassionate person please consider checking out this initiative and supporting it financially… It is a safe injection site in a tent, in an alley near Hastings and Columbia, serving some of Canada’s most vulnerable people in the Downtown Eastside.

The people behind it are Sarah Blyth, who has worked for the Portland Hotel Society and DTES Street Market, and long-time activist Ann Livingston behind VANDU and Insite. Read more about their movement in this Georgia Straight article by Travis Lupick, called “Not waiting for Government.”  They are literally saving hundreds of lives every day.

Vancouver is in a declared state of emergency this year for the record number of fatalities connected to overdose, due to the prevalence of Fentanyl. It also happens to be Homelessness Action Week, and what a perfect way to show love and let go of judgment by funding this program.

Addiction is a place of deep darkness, but that person still is valuable and deserves a second, third, fourth… whatever chance it takes. One of the most important things I’ve learned working at the Carnegie is that each person has a story, often one of brokenness, and sometimes one of overcoming great adversity. You must suspend all judgment, because you could be speaking to a saint or an angel and not even know it.

Please be generous.



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