Closeted Foodie

One of the main reasons I find it difficult to imagine leaving Vancouver is the food! I am a very frugal person, and love to go to the Salvation Army near my house on a weekly basis, if not more. When it comes to any larger purchases I perform some serious due diligence, and investigate the options. But I have no qualms about paying the price for a fine meal. I will admit that I have zero ability in the kitchen (Scott cooks all our in-house meals!), and I will gladly allow expert chefs to do their job. I’ve hesitated to share this publicly, considering the location of my workplace, but food is simply my guilty pleasure.LongBeachdinner

Even as a kid I cultivated some real snobbery regarding food, which is surprising considering I’m from small town Ontario north of Toronto, where exotic food was of the “Chinese” variety, consisting of chow mein and sweet & sour pork. Any opportunity to try something new (especially when we made it to the City), I was completely game. If my parents said “order anything,” I would go straight for the shrimp cocktail and calamari, as a wee child. And once I discovered a proper Swiss Chocolatier (Hermann Ackermann) at our local Farmer’s Market, I refused to eat any other kind of chocolates but hand-made truffles.

Today, the Georgia Straight weekly rag put out their “Golden Plates” edition, highlighting various categories for dining, drinking and desserting, as voted by their readers. I’ve made my own list! You’ll notice that many of them revolve around Scott, as he is a vegetarian, and many of them are clustered in my neighbourhood (Fraser and Mount Pleasant areas), but they are all very worthy restaurants.


  • Best Aboriginal: Salmon n’ Bannock
  • Best Brunch: Heirloom
  • Best Cheese: Les Amis du Fromage
  • Best Chocolatier: Chocolate Arts / Thomas Haas (tie!)
  • Best Coffee Roaster: East Van Roasters
  • Best Dim Sum: Kirin
  • Best Donuts: Lucky’s Donuts
  • Best Fine Dining: Hawksworth
  • Best Fish & Chips: The Fish Counter
  • Best Food Truck: Roaming Dragon
  • Best French: Les Faux Bourgeois
  • Best Fusion: Green Lettuce
  • Best Ice Cream: Bella Gelateria
  • Best Indian Fine Dining: Vij’s
  • Best Indian Casual: Indian Roti Kitchen
  • Best Italian Fine Dining: Savio Volpe
  • Best Italian Casual: Pazzo Chow
  • Best Mexican: Sal y Limon / La Tacqueria Pinche (tie!)
  • Best Pizza: Don’t Argue / Pizzeria Farina (tie!)
  • Best Poutine: Black Lodge
  • Best Sundae: Earnest Ice Cream
  • Best Sushi: Toshi’s
  • Best Teahouse: Cultivate
  • Best Vegetarian Fine Dining: Acorn
  • Best Vegetarian Casual: The Arbor / Chau Veggie Express (tie!)
  • Best Vegetarian Dim Sum: Po Kong
  • Best Vietnamese: Anh and Chi

And then, these are all my favourite cafes / bakeries… Coco et Olive, Bel Cafe, French Made Baking, Batard, Faubourg, Thierry, and Notte’s Bon Ton.

This coming year I’m planning on trying out Masayoshi (Japanese), Kissa Tanto (Fusion), Oyster Express (Seafood), La Quercia (Italian), and Ask for Luigi (Italian).

Since it’s my 40th birthday coming up, I’m scheming a motorcycle roadtrip to Lummi Island in Washington to finally experience The Willow’s restaurant. Yay!



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