Travel Nostalgia

Over Christmas, my mom had me go through my closet and drawers of my childhood bedroom and purge many of my photo albums, as well as personal paraphernalia like ribbons and medals from various sporting events. It felt good to let go of this clutter, and have a good laugh while reading old notebooks from my elementary school years. I had to keep a few of those.

During my twenties I did a lot of overseas travel. I was fortunate to pursue a summer abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic while studying at Simon Fraser University in 1999, which inspired me to keep going. Once I completed that degree I managed to save up while working at my brother’s heli-ski company (Great Canadian). I ended up going to Europe for two summers in a row, travelling solo or with a friend in her van, skateboarding across the continent. And then, after my first Masters degree I traveled round Australia, New Zealand and Fiji visiting relatives, and checking out more skateparks, followed by another Europe adventure. I essentially worked to travel for many years.

As I poured over these old albums, I realized that some of the photos were quite good. I have kept a few of them in a shoebox, and maybe will eventually be inspired to scan some of them. In the meantime, I pulled a couple of my favourite digital photos taken on trips to South East Asia and South America, and some random ones from NYC. I have lost many of my photos, considering that one of my laptops crashed and another laptop was stolen, but at least I have a few and can dig up old diaries if I’m feeling nostalgic.

It’s tricky with full-time work. The job is fulfilling, the pay is good, and the time flies by, but there are moments of feeling a bit stagnant. I’m looking forward to some adventures this summer and if all goes well, some overseas getaways and reunions.


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