Winter of Amazing Grace

I’m super pumped to see the 2018 release of Aretha Franklin’s live recording concert “Amazing Grace” (directed by Sydney Pollack) from back in 1972 (hopefully in a theatre). I’ve watched the trailer on repeat and ordered the soundtrack for the library, and it sounds like one epic experience.

It’s a combination of her passion, the actual song, her story, and the fact that my first cassette was “Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits” (given to me by my dad) that I just love the music so much. Listening to it on Youtube without the visuals even makes me weep. You can hear the crowd and the choir members crying out and clapping – they can feel it building and they know what’s coming. Absolute glory!

Like the lyrics of “Amazing Grace” suggest, I’ve had some wretched times in my past and while I don’t want to dwell sometimes I think it’s healthy to acknowledge that this current state of living is absolute privilege. And yet, I’m still seeking more peace and more joy in my day-to-day. I think it’s human nature to keep pushing forward when something isn’t quite right. What do I have to fear?

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year, but right now I’m realizing that it’s been over a year since I moved away from Vancouver. It’s been a year of adjustment, upheaval and on-going change, but just at a really slow pace. I don’t feel settled quite yet. It’s okay to perform a job that is behind the scenes with little affirmation, it’s humbling and requires more personal initiative. I also knew that it wouldn’t be easy to come from a position in the City which was loaded with purpose and fulfillment to something more traditional.

Regardless, it has been an awesome blessing to come to a small town on the ocean, to watch epic sunsets from our home, and just to have the space to garden and dream. Here are some highlights from the 2018/2019 winter…

Visiting the thousands of sea lions partying in the harbour on a sunny day in January:


Snowfalls around the house, ocean walks and eagles in February:


Outdoor fun in the snow:




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