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Hot reads, cold reads

Selecting books for the public is a fine art. One must recognize that your own tastes are not necessarily going to appeal to the masses, and that ultimately, one must select titles that will offer the highest circulation and justify the existence of the library, which pays your wages. Throw in a few Amish romance, […]

Hare & Hound – Wattpad novel

I’ve decided to dabble into the world of Wattpad in the hopes that some of the readers and writers will take a look at my Young Adult novel in the works called, Hare and Hound.  The novel features a young woman named Adira who is a desert motorcycle racer in a high stakes series in the […]

Loving the Seen and Unseen

Last weekend I was fortunate to have my flight to Vancouver covered on behalf of the BC Library Association. It was a really nice surprise, which came about because a fellow Community Librarian, who used to work at VPL had recommended me to join the annual conference selection panel as a “rural” voice. Considering the […]

A home for the holidays

I’ve promised photos to friends and family for some time in regards to our new home in Powell River. While we technically had ownership of the house on September first, we took a few weeks to get the space habitable, and there’s been lots of projects since to slowly transform the space so it feels […]

Sheila Heti’s Motherhood: a reflection

Years ago I was talking to Rick McCrank, asking him what some of his favourite books were. He mentioned Sheila Heti and her book, Ticknor (which was really surprising since she was so new on the scene) and Candide by Voltaire. McCrank, whom some may know as a Canadian pro skateboarding prodigy and others as the […]

City vs. Country: the wisdom of Helen Keller

I decided to read Helen Keller’s biography The Story of My Life after being in a bit of a reading funk and stumbling upon the title randomly on the shelves of my rental home. I wanted to read about someone overcoming adversity with hope and perseverance, and who better than Helen Keller herself? It was all […]

Burn the book

It’s been a strange gift to be married and going through a funny limbo of being in a long-distance relationship. Since I started work in Powell River in March, and there were no immediate job postings for Scott (combined with the fact that he wanted to finish the year with his beloved Grade 7 students […]