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Carnegie Library promo

I’ve had an essay on the back-burner for some time, in an attempt to gather my thoughts on what it is to be a librarian at the Carnegie. Initially, I had imagined presenting this paper at a conference because I love public speaking. I get a real high out of it. And when I was […]

Storming the daily divide

After being immersed in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, in awe of gushing waterfalls, forests, elk, and mountains, the rawness of Main & Hastings and returning to work last week at the Carnegie Library was euphoric, inspiring and jarring. On my first day back, Jean Swanson (a Downtown Eastside advocate, activist and legacy, now […]

Bright Morning Star

When there is no evidence of light, when the night sky is seemingly pitch dark at a pivotal time of 2 or 3 am, that is when the planet Venus pierces the blackness. It is just a pinpoint and it looks as though it is wavering, and perhaps will be extinguished and defeated. And yet, […]