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“Me and Mariah”

Today was a highly celebratory day. It was National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Canada and International Go Skateboarding Day. If you’re a First Nations skater you have to be pretty stoked! In the morning I posted a highlight on our library Facebook page about all the awesome books and movies that are being published by […]

Geriatric Skateboarding

A few weekends ago the Powell River skateshop Townskate launched its first annual skateboard contest at the local park. I had driven past the park a few times and sighed since it looked like so much fun, but never allowed myself to entertain the idea of actually skating it considering my geriatric back, which gets […]

Men of Quality: the future of skateboarding

Yesterday I had an epiphany about subcultures and youth rebellion. This is a topic I haven’t thought deeply on for some time, compared to when I wrote my Masters thesis on female skateboarders as cultural producers in a male dominated subculture. I was reminded of my research when a PhD student reached out to me, […]

“One time I rode”… Storytelling!

Last night, I got to try something new! It’s one thing to write a story and another thing to try to engage an audience and get the nerve to share a story in public! A few weeks ago, Melly posted an invite to join her in a night of motorcycle story-telling at The Shop (a […]

Sick ladies in the Cyclades – MUMC reunion

The summer is over, I have a new laptop (we had a break-in at our place… both laptops stolen = boo!), and it’s time to catch up on some writing. It’s been four months since my reunion in Greece with some of the original members of the Majestic Unicorn Motorcycle Club, and I am still […]

Scott Pommier

A Canadian Roadtrip and Reunion: Girl Skaters on the Loose

In anticipation of a reunion with skateboarding friends overseas, I found this article I wrote back in 2005 about the time I drove across Canada… I have always wanted to do the cross-Canada drive, to acquire a first-hand impression of how vast this country is. When I received an email from a francophone friend in […]


Myspace meltdown

Remember Myspace? Possibly not, as it has actually been almost ten years since that social network was at its height, back when I was gleefully pumping out posts.  The fun part is that before I completely moved on to Facebook, I cut and pasted most of my entries into a kind of journal so I could scroll through and laugh at […]