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Jock Roots – the Prodigal Runner

My 29th birthday was looming in the fall of 2006 and I was feeling disheartened. Another botched relationship, my Master’s degree wasn’t pulling in the job offers, and I needed some direction. As an avid skateboarder I had moved to Vancouver ten years earlier from Ontario because it was considered to be the Canadian mecca […]

Jon West 2008

Girl Gangs

Growing up in small town Ontario meant that I didn’t have many like-minded girls to hang with, as I was a fierce tomboy from a young age. I had two big brothers, and I wanted to do everything that they did. We lived on a dead end street and every day after school and throughout […]

Blueberries, Unicorns, and Hobbits: Reflections on camping adventures

When I think of camping I get flooded with happy memories and stories of adventures, or just flashes of associations like the smell of campfire and the taste of a gooey marshmallow. My parents are from New Zealand, and my Dad had idealized Canada and the great outdoors as a boy. He ended up becoming […]