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A Christmas Miracle with Stevie Nicks

I’m mindful when I speak or write about Christmas and the holidays, as it can be a really difficult time for many people, especially folks who feel rejected from their family, alienated from society, and are simply struggling to survive. While really wonderful Christmas memories in wintery Owen Sound, Ontario dominate my mind from childhood, […]

Ali for President

My husband Scott just returned from our favourite corner store, the Hasty Market (at Main and 16th) with some tasty new ginger beers. While the impressive selection of international soda pops, licorice and gummy candies is a real draw, it’s actually the shop attendant Ali who makes our day. He is truly the most joyous, humble, […]

Pandora’s boxes

I was once a recipient of four boxes of “donated” books that I did not want. It was not that the books were mouldy or old or filthy, but rather that the owner of the books had not given her permission, or perhaps was completely unaware that her possessions were being disposed of. It was […]

Lost and Found

It’s always such a downer to see posts on Facebook (or whatever social platform you’re on) about a stolen motorcycle. I remember one, posted by a mom who was evidently distraught for her son. The young lad had worked so hard to save for the bike, only to have some creep take it from their […]

Hope and silver linings

I’m not sure where to begin in describing how strange the last month has been at the Carnegie. The “incidents” flare up, we move on to the next situation, and basically keep on keeping on. But, I feel it might be worth recording so I can remember this time and see the silver linings.  I’ll start […]

Bright Morning Star

When there is no evidence of light, when the night sky is seemingly pitch dark at a pivotal time of 2 or 3 am, that is when the planet Venus pierces the blackness. It is just a pinpoint and it looks as though it is wavering, and perhaps will be extinguished and defeated. And yet, […]