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“One time I rode”… Storytelling!

Last night, I got to try something new! It’s one thing to write a story and another thing to try to engage an audience and get the nerve to share a story in public! A few weeks ago, Melly posted an invite to join her in a night of motorcycle story-telling at The Shop (a […]

Group Ride Dilemma (and advice for single biker ladies)

Last Saturday, May 2nd was International Female Ride Day – a day to rally women together who love motorcycles and go for a cruise en masse. It’s a chance to encourage beginners, share stories, make friendships, check out bikes, etc. I think I like the idea of celebrating women on motorcycles via group rides, but […]

Dirtymoto – a ladies’ motorcycle garage

To pass the rainy season a group of us girls started to meet up every month in 2011 to encourage and challenge each other as we acquired motorbike maintenance know-how. These gatherings would include tests to name parts, such as an exploded view of a carb, discussion on motorcycle Youtube videos, and consumption of festive […]

Books, Women and Motorcycles – Reviews

For the female motorcycle enthusiast who also loves to read, here are some classic titles and a few fresh ones, mainly non-fiction with the exception of one novel. If you can’t get out on your bike (mechanical issues? nasty weather?) simply curl up with one of these books, and your spirits will rise! Motor-Cycling for […]

Mystery Vintage Lady Bikers – Pt. 1

As a librarian I can get pretty obsessed with research and scouring the internet. So, when I innocently started a Pinterest board featuring vintage photos of women motorcycle riders I got hooked.  I’m also not content with simply pinning an image… I want a story!  I’m currently just shy of 300 photos from the early […]