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A Day in the Life – 1930s Librarians

Today I was asked to provide a “day in the life” of being the Branch Head librarian at the Carnegie for a library journal. There are certain stereotypes of the librarian’s role that many still harbor, but in an urban library today I’m sure most would be surprised. For example, roving the library to make […]

Carnegie Library promo

I’ve had an essay on the back-burner for some time, in an attempt to gather my thoughts on what it is to be a librarian at the Carnegie. Initially, I had imagined presenting this paper at a conference because I love public speaking. I get a real high out of it. And when I was […]

Be My Valentine

I always have a glut of romance paperbacks in the library, which are automatically sent to us through the delivery – to disperse new material throughout the system of branches. They sit on the bottom rack of a book spinner, until I’m forced to move them along to another branch where they might be more popular. […]

Hope and silver linings

I’m not sure where to begin in describing how strange the last month has been at the Carnegie. The “incidents” flare up, we move on to the next situation, and basically keep on keeping on. But, I feel it might be worth recording so I can remember this time and see the silver linings.  I’ll start […]

Drinkin’ and Druggin’

While my daily life may not be a constant off-roading, sweet adventure on motorcycles, it definitely is a kind of “adventure.” It’s been a year and a half since I was hired as the Branch Head of the Carnegie Library, located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside. I’m not interested in bemoaning the tragedy […]

Day Job – Biker Librarian

Last week, I was told by a middle-aged Latino man that he could not picture me as a librarian and thought that I had too much fun energy and maybe should consider something else.  I suspect that he had a traditional vision of librarians being dowdy spinsters, rocking spectacles and a hair bun. We ended up […]