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Magic Mushroom Motorcycle Adventure

We’ve passed the middle of October and I was feeling a bit antsy today since the rain had been coming down heavy all week and it felt like my chance to get out motorcycle riding before my insurance ran out was coming up too fast. I had had a solid morning despite the pounding rain, […]

Kids books are getting RAD!

I am so excited about a couple of new and upcoming Children’s picture books. I wish my nieces and nephews were still toddlers so I could buy these for them! Fortunately I can selfishly impose my tastes on the library – although I suspect that they will be appreciated by more readers than just myself. […]

Hare & Hound – Wattpad novel

I’ve decided to dabble into the world of Wattpad in the hopes that some of the readers and writers will take a look at my Young Adult novel in the works called,¬†Hare and Hound.¬† The novel features a young woman named Adira who is a desert motorcycle racer in a high stakes series in the […]

Powell River beckons

Today was a fantastic day to be a librarian. I went to the monthly Leadership Team meeting and felt a strange confidence in sharing thoughts around vigilance in keeping our patrons alert in light of overdose (there is a dilemma whether Librarians should actually administer Naloxone vs. the implications on the City if things go […]

True Grit is Female: Respect for Elspeth Beard

I just watched the movie, True Grit (2010) and noticed how the promotional poster highlights the names, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin. This really bothered me, especially the highlighting of Brolin who plays a bit part, considering that the film is truly about the young teenager, Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) who perseveres to […]

My new XR650L-ouie, Louie

Last year my motorcycle “Alaska” turned into quite the ordeal and was reason enough for me to dread ever taking a bike onto a ferry, let alone the wilds of British Columbia again. As a kickstart-only dual sport with a blown CDI box there was not much I could do to remedy the situation during […]

Mid-July at the Carnegie

It’s always difficult to come back to work after some time off (even if it’s only a week!), but I’m fortunate in that my days tend to fly by. This week was hard. It started out with the photocopier breaking down and jamming, while an on-call staff person scrambles to pump out the 150 crossword […]