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“One time I rode”… Storytelling!

Last night, I got to try something new! It’s one thing to write a story and another thing to try to engage an audience and get the nerve to share a story in public! A few weeks ago, Melly posted an invite to join her in a night of motorcycle story-telling at The Shop (a […]

Dirtymoto – a ladies’ motorcycle garage

To pass the rainy season a group of us girls started to meet up every month in 2011 to encourage and challenge each other as we acquired motorbike maintenance know-how. These gatherings would include tests to name parts, such as an exploded view of a carb, discussion on motorcycle Youtube videos, and consumption of festive […]


Time Capsule

In about a month my good friend Rhianon will be coming through Vancouver for a visit. There areĀ a few reasons why I am really excited about this. First off, she’s the kind of friend that no matter the length of time apart we just slip into comfortable conversation and I feel like she gets me, […]

Disasterdaze Confession

An annual motorcycling event, which started in Vancouver and is now hosted on the Sunshine Coast has been growing every year, and is organized by some pretty lovely folks (ie. Disaster Dave and Motorcycho Norm). It’s called Disasterdaze. I have some good memories of this annual weekend, especially when I would camp-out with my lady […]

Jon West 2008

Girl Gangs

Growing up in small town Ontario meant that I didn’t have many like-minded girls to hang with, as I was a fierce tomboy from a young age. I had two big brothers, and I wanted to do everything that they did. We lived on a dead end street and every day after school and throughout […]

Blueberries, Unicorns, and Hobbits: Reflections on camping adventures

When I think of camping I get flooded with happy memories and stories of adventures, or just flashes of associations like the smell of campfire and the taste of a gooey marshmallow. My parents are from New Zealand, and my Dad had idealized Canada and the great outdoors as a boy. He ended up becoming […]