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Goodbye Jimmy, hello dual sport living!

Yes, it’s true. This past summer I ended up selling my 1976 Triumph Bonneville, aka “Jimmy” the T140v. I’ve had a few people comment that it must have been a really hard and heart-breaking decision, but I actually wasn’t particularly phased. As awesome as it was to get a dreamy vintage bike for a crazy […]

Alaskan cruise – a new addition to the family

Today, I am ironically home sick for the second day, most likely because I put out a lot of energy hosting the 7th Annual Alley Health Fair! It went really well, but now I’m recuperating from a nasty head cold.  Oh well – the effort was worth it, with 1200 people getting a good meal […]

Day Job – Biker Librarian

Last week, I was told by a middle-aged Latino man that he could not picture me as a librarian and thought that I had too much fun energy and maybe should consider something else.  I suspect that he had a traditional vision of librarians being dowdy spinsters, rocking spectacles and a hair bun. We ended up […]

Motorbike garage romance – Magic Man

I’ve got the song, “Magic Man” by Heart stuck in my head, and for good reason. My ruling husband has got me through the latest motorcycle maintenance battle, and I am so relieved. Last August we went on a mellow roadtrip to Manning Park and came back with some really hurting bikes. Both “Scotty P” […]


Future Husband – Idlewood Zine Romance

I was recently thumbing through a copy of Idlewood, which is a zine that I contribute to featuring local ladies who skateboard, ride motorcycles, and essentially get up to random mischief, when I realized that I had the gift of prophecy. Several years ago, I had tampered with a photo of myself by adding a […]

Jimmy, my Triumph

In the summer of 2007 I was motivated to pursue my first motorcycle, a 1979 Honda Hawk CB400, alongside many of my friends. In Vancouver there had been a surge of interest in restoring old Hondas, modeling them into cafe racers, and a group of us girls were not going to be left behind. Canadian […]